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Jay Spears Fucks Tristan Mathews

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You can tell a lot about a guy by his tats. Tristan Mathews likes to "hunt" and doesn't mind leaving his prints behind, and Jay Spears is Roman and enjoys handcuffs. True to his Capricorn nature, Tristan will bottom with a lot of purpose to get what he came for. As the DudesRaw.com boys get busy, the bottom's bossy nature is heard, "finger that hole."

With the camera angling up, so does Jay's tongue. He lays a "trail" and his fat cock picks up the scent; he shoves it in. Wait, what's a pussy doing in this video?! Back to the boys, the bottom does a nice "sit-n-spin" onto Jay's cock while the top looks on. "You gonna shoot that load up in me?" Tristan asks. Receiving just what he requested, the bottom's hairy hole is "slicked" back and forth. Dumping his load onto his partner, the bottom tongues and shares the cream. Buttercup, what the fuck?!