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Shit, Rave Hardick calls me up and says he wants to come over and get fucked; I think I can "work it in." I like the boy's energy and his exotic look, as well as his big cock. Deep throating me, he is one of the few guys I know who can "get it all in." Sitting atop of me, Rave rocks forward so I can suck him, then rocks back and sides my cock in; damn I guess it's been a while as his enthusiasm is off the charts.

Eagerly using his hips, Rave just keeps fucking; I grab his cock and feel it throb. Ready to take over, I rim his hole and then use it well; Rave rolls with it, moaning in each position. Tapping out as I get close, I blow in and around his well-used winker; we are both exhausted. Nick Long and Rave laid there a good half-hour after I stopped filming; these two truly gave it their all for DudesRaw.com.