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Conrad Daniels Gets Anthony Wood's Big Ebony Dick

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Pale ginger-haired Conrad wants a big black dick in his ass, and Anthony Wood is just the horse-hung stud to give it to him. From the first deep kiss Conrad's cock is popping out in expectation, and he drops to his knees to get a juicy mouthful of that smooth dark woody. Anthony's balls slap against his chin and he manages to get the whole throbbing piece down his throat as Anthony pummels his face with his massive tootsie roll.

Anthony wants to feel his own throat stuffed with Conrad's thick pink rod. He beats his dick with every pump as Conrad grabs the back of his head to feed him cock. They put their dicks together and Conrad deftly glides Anthony's long foreskin back and forth over the big head. Conrad props his ass up on a couple of pillows for Anthony to dive in and munch. One more taste and Anthony will be ready to drive his dick home into Conrad's twitching tunnel of love.

Conrad's tight, but a big wad of spit on Anthony's uncut dickhead and it slides in like they were made for each other. Conrad grips the pillow for dear life as his bones rattle from the tough pummeling he gets. His dick stays rock hard while his insides get shaken and stirred by that monster pole.

After Conrad grinds his hole down against Anthony's bristly pubes, he rolls over and lets the big cock plow in to the inner depths. Moaning and stroking, Conrad backs onto the slick, thick invader. Anthony's load is starting to bubble up from his thigh-slapping nuts, and he twiddles his nips to work it up and out. He pulls out just in time to glaze Conrad's round pink ass and drive his cummy stick back in. Conrad's puckered hole pulses and twitches with deep satisfaction. Anthony licks up the puddle of sperm Conrad sprays across his belly.