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Nathan Rides Micah's Chocolate Stick

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Horny pups Nathan Daniels and Micah Martinez are not interested in small talk. The camera rolls and they are already full-on making out with their hands groping nips and crotches. Once they each get a good feel of the other's dick it's time to peel off the shirts and start getting down to the real business, and Nathan is first to unbutton Micah's fly and dive in for a hot handful. When he sees that it's already rock hard, the jeans come down and his mouth is bobbing up and down on that tasty ebony rod. He uses Micah's musky socks as a popper and goes to work licking and worshipping his smooth, perfect feet.

Nathan strips down and poses crouched across the sofa, and Micah motorboats his round pink ass cheeks. Once he's licked and prodded the hole with his deft tongue, he too dives down for a bit of toe-sucking goodness. He rises and kneels behind Nathan, ramming his big raw cock straight in. Grabbing both cheeks, he slides in smooth and hard. Nathan's ass ripples with the force of each hard stroke.

Nathan groans with half-closed eyes, begging "Fuck me!" to his hung buddy. Micah's nuts slap against his hairy crack as he turns up the speed. Nathan turns over and beats his meat as Micah plows in. Nathan grabs a pec and twiddles Micah's tight brown nip. He rides Micah as they turn to drive in deeper, and neither stud can hold out for long. Micah guides Nathan's big muscular ass down onto his throbbing pole and gets ready to blast his wad. He pulls out and jacks into Nathan's crack, pushing the load back in as rivulets drip along the sides. He spreads the hairy ass to watch cum drool out the satisfied hole, then Nathan splatters his pubes with a juicy spray of his own.