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JayCee Plows Rave by the French Doors

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On a sunny, breezy day by the open French doors, Rave Hardick gets down on his knees to suck off his bf JayCee. These guys know every inch of each others' bodies, and Rave knows what gets his buddy off. He reaches down into his jeans to grab his cock, while his face is getting fucked full of hot muscle daddy dick. JayCee gives Rave a juicy blowjob holding his heavy nuts and working his way down to the fuzzy root. The two get on hands and knees for JayCee to lap at Rave's hole, cock bobbing up with every wet lick.

Rave takes charge and positions his bud's prick at his hungry, spitslick hole, grinding his ass slowly down onto it. Grabbing JayCee's thigh for support, he slams his body down to feel the hot throbbing cock ram into him. JayCee is getting worked up and holds him by the hips to guide his cock directly into that magic button inside Rave's ass. Rave groans as he takes every inch, with his own massive cock rockhard and slapping his abs as he rides.

It's time for JayCee to plow in straight and deep, and he rams Rave from behind. He grabs his lean buddy's shoulders and buries his cock in to the hilt. Speeding up, both studs groan with pleasure and need as their balls tighten and fill with sperm. JayCee pulls out to milk out a creamy load, pushing it back in raw and still spurting. Rave beats his cock in time with JayCee's thrusts, splatters a cummy mess all over his lean tight abs.