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Someone's Balls Deep in Micah's Guts

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And that guy is Joel Someone, who's stiff and ready to rumble from the first kiss. Furry and bearded, Joel slaps his cock around Micah Martinez' big cocksucking mouth, then grabs behind the ears to reach deep down Micah's throat. He kneels to pull off his briefs and while he's down there sucks on the sweet chocolate rod bobbing in his face. He juts out his tongue to give Micah's nuts a little tickle, then looks up as he worships the veiny bronze dick.

Micah's butt is as hairy as Joel's chest, and looks good for the eating. Joel laps and tongues the throbbing pucker, then motorboats his face across the hairy crack. Slick with saliva, Micah's hole is open and ready when Joel plows in, his mushroom head popping out when he gets too enthusiastic with his strokes. Micah tilts his head back and groans when Joel hits that spot deep inside. His nuts rock forward and back with each hard thrust.

Legs apart, mouth open and a big smile over his cockstarved face, Micah grabs his cheeks and steadies for the force of Joel's fuck. Joel's "balls deep in your little guts," as he mutters in the throes of fuckhungry pumping. As Micah straddles his legs over Joel's waist to get his butt's insatiable appetite fulfilled, Joel starts jabbing in hard from below. Legs wrapped around each other, they rock together in a sex-machine rhythm that can't hold on for long. Joel's eyes roll back as he's ready to fire.

Pulling out and jerking out his overdue load, Joel pushes back in to feel Micah's quivering insides milk the last shots out of him. As they kiss, Micah lies back and sprays a big creamy puddle onto his abs, then pushes his cock into Joel for one last hot thrill.