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August Buries His Bone in Luca

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When horndog August Alexander meets blond beauty Luca Xx, they don't even make it out of the kitchen. Luca drops to his knees to try to get his mouth around that massive ebony knob August is packing, and drools big strings of saliva for his efforts. He grabs August by the heavy nuts and guides his mouth onto the thick shaft, finally gets all of it down. Looking up at the dark stud, he invites him to fuck.

August chews on the downy hairs that line the sizzling hot pucker of Luca's hungry hole then gnaws his way in. Luca is wet and ready when August stands and pops in his big mushroom head. The handsome blond Italian drops his jaw in amazement as his ass gets plowed and filled with hot black cock. First steadying himself against the kitchen counter, he reaches around to grab hold of August, pulling him in even closer and tighter as their bodies knit together in a perfect fuck machine.

Lying on the floor, Luca wraps his legs around August and begs him to go deeper. August obliges and turns his buddy onto hands and knees to hold his hips and ram it home. Luca balls his hands into fists on the floor, finally collects enough composure to reach up and start stroking. He takes charge and sits on August to feel the deepest slickest penetration. His dick flaps up and down as he slams his butt onto the beercan cock.

Frenzied August finally takes back the lead and pummels Luca like a madman. He pulls out and spurts high into the air before Luca deftly guides his jizzing member back in to collect every drop into his welcoming hole. Luca licks the fuck taste off August as he rises to his knees and splatters a creamy splash over the cold concrete floor.