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Plow Into Zacc

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Bronzed beauty Jace slouches back in his sofa as blond twink Zacc Andrews kneels between his legs, nursing on his big brown uncut cock. Arms folded behind his head, Jace relaxes and enjoys the hot went mouth wrapped around him, spit running down his heavy nuts. Zacc's enjoying having his throat rammed full of thick musky dick just as much, or more. He climbs onto the sofa and grinds his ass into Jace's face, getting his hole licked and lubed for the action to cum.

Leaning forward. limber Zacc turns this mustache ride into a hot 69 of ass-to-mouth and mouth-to-dick. As hot as this is for both horny barebackers, it can't compete with a cock thrusting raw fuck. Jace slips his cock neatly into the slick, opened-up hole, gently smacking Zacc's thick pink booty. Head turned up to the skies, he rams in balls deep as Zacc moans his approval. That's all the encouragement Jace needs, turning the speed up to "11". He holds Zacc a few inches over his lap and plows up into that sweet honey hole. Zacc starts beating his meat in perfect time--they're getting close. Jace's wad shoots a good two feet up into Zacc's face, and the horny young twink laps up the last spurts of spooge out of Jace's palm.